Monday, April 26, 2010

Art Squared TQ from CD 7.

Wow! Can you believe it…. I’m free for a day or two.

I’m waiting for trim work to dry, and it’s to damp to strip woodwork, so I thought I would make a quick card from stored TQ’s. This is from CD 7 and it’s done on dark and light cardstock.Background is the light cardstock and birdcage is done on dark cardstock.  The little bird is cut from Colorwash spray and webbing TQ. The stamp is from Stampin’ Up and I’m sure everyone knows these are the new Sizzix dies from the “Tim Holtz Alterations set”. The flower punch is from Martha Stewart. I cut open the door on the birdcage and added a lock. At the top of the cage I added a key. The words “Just a Tweet”, is done with Constantia font and printed on a scrap from the Art Squared background.
Thanks for hanging in there! I’ll try to post alittle more often.

Stampin’ Hugs Vada.

We do have two cabinets down and the walls are done and new ceiling is done. Now it’s just down to woodwork and stripping old woodwork. Then the new cabinets can come in…
Only a week of “No Sink and No Dishwasher”!

I think I can make it….