Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Gee Wiz I’m Behind Again

Thought maybe I should post some of my March cards and tags!
Yes I’m that far behind.
I have two tags and four cards, so here goes.
This picture is of my Mother in law. I don’t really know much about the picture, I’m thinking maybe graduation from high school.
Come this November she would have turn 95.
Discover Tag.
I had forgotten that I had this embossing folder, what a shame as it’s a wonderful embossing folder.




Next two are just stitching on graphics, just note cards.
Spent some time with the old Wards Sewing Machine. 



 These two cards are background cards, nothing fancy.
Evelyn did such a wonderful job on her backgrounds, thought I would give it a try too



I’m done for today, thanks for stopping in today.


Terry said...

Gee Wiz Vada, don't you know how much you are missed? OK, well you have certainly been busy and now my eyes are happy with all these sweet treats! That photo of you MIL is priceless and what a wonderful tribute to her and the sentiment could not be more perfect. I do believe that tag is my favorite and so personal, but I do love them all! Welcome back and sending warm hugs!

scrumplescrunch said...

Hello Vada
Fabulous Tags and cards, I have been out of the loop for awhile, hopefully back to it now, of course I love the stitching, and the texture and your Bg's so there is no excuse for me to produce something with your inspiration from these pieces.